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Open January 2019
Close Evergreen with quarterly close
Amount to be Raised £10m target
Minimum Investment £25,000

The o2h therapeutics and AI fund

The Britain’s first S/EIS investment fund backing biotech therapeutic and related AI opportunities has made 10 Investments into biotech therapeutics and AI companies since its launch at the beginning of 2019.

o2h ventures look for companies with great science that have potential to be developed towards a collaboration or exit. It is fund manager’s belief that what happened in Tech over the last 10 years is being replicated in Biotech with large pharma seeking to collaborate and acquire innovative small biotech companies. o2h ventures are also privileged to invest into a sector in which they can not just make a commercial return but also work on projects that benefit society.

The team at o2h group have access to some of the most exciting ideas through its live grass roots working relationships fostered with entrepreneurs and scientists over many years giving it far earlier access than competitors to the most promising companies.

In 2019, the o2h therapeutics and AI fund was nominated as the Best New Entrant in the Tax Efficiency Award by Investment Week and was the finalist for Impact Awards in the 25th Year EISA Awards. Sunil Shah, the fund manager, is on the Board of the Biotech Industry Association, Cambridge Angels and received the 2019 UKBAA Angel of the Year award.

E. invest@o2h.com

W. www.o2h.com/ventures