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Tech for Good SEIS/EIS fund – a first from early stage venture capital fund Bethnal Green Ventures

All SEIS / EIS schemes are designed to help early-stage ventures raise capital with individual investors incentivised by the offer of tax reliefs. However, BGV have announced the first scheme of its kind that also offers an element of social and environmental impact.


Earlier this year BGV launched the UK’s first ever Tech for Good SEIS and EIS Fund and the company tell us that it was very positively received.

Following the success of this first fund, BGV have decided to reopen the opportunity and this week present the launch of their Tech for Good SEIS and EIS Fund 2.

SEIS and EIS are unique to the UK and are designed to help early-stage ventures raise capital.  The UK is known for its thriving startup ecosystem and schemes like these are designed to foster it.

But in addition to a continuously growing appetite for high growth ventures, there is a rapidly increasing demand for values-aligned investment opportunities. Impact investing has doubled in size year-on-year since 2016 with impact assets under management now estimated at $500bn.

The aim of the BGV Tech for Good SEIS/EIS Fund is to provide individual professional investors with the opportunity to not only back a diversified portfolio of high growth start-ups, but to also ensure their money is working towards a sustainable future for people and planet.

Through the fund, capital is deployed across a range of ambitious early-stage ventures that all have the mission of using technology to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

The timing of this second fund coincides with a general uplift of interest in positively ethical investments.

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