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New ambulance company launches EIS

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The company behind a radical new ambulance design has launched an EIS offer.

International Ambulances was formed in October 2016 by Phillip Bevan to commercialise his revolutionary new ambulance design, the “ACESO.” This vehicle has been designed from the ground up to save lives and provide demonstrably better outcomes for patients, paramedics and hospitals.

The development of the concept prototype has been carried out for International Ambulances by Bevan Davidson International (“BDI”), a technology design and development company, led Phillip Bevan.

The need for a completely new vehicle, one suited to the 21st century, is being driven by the increasing demands from the NHS and other health services around the world. Both the National Audit Office report and Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design have published reports which say that there is a requirement for an innovative ambulance that will achieve significantly better outcomes for patients.

The International Ambulances EIS offer is available on the GrowthInvest platform.

Managing Director of GrowthInvest Daniel Rodwell said: “We are delighted to work with Phil and the team on the development and funding of such an exciting project, one which has already attracted considerable interest from key players within the health industry, and can make a real impact in improved healthcare in the UK.”

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