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Hardman & Co host a ‘Welcome to the EIS Sector’ Round Table

Following a successful event in November 2018, Hardman & Co Tax Enhanced Team invited newer entrants to the EIS market to a Round Table at the RAC, Pall Mall.


Chaired by Martin Fox, MD of Bulletin Marketing, the seminar’s guest speakers included Dan Rodwell from GrowthInvest, Richard Hoskins from Kin Capital, Henwick Park’s Robert Drysdale and GBI Publishing Director Alex Sullivan.

Vilma Pabiliontye, speaking for Hardman & Co’s Business Development & Marketing division told us:

“We are passionate about supporting newer entrants to the (S)EIS market. We want to use our connections, networks and partners to educate and help new entrants navigate the waters when they first come to the scene.

“Some of these fund managers will have been investing for many years, but have only recently launched an (S)EIS fund, so they may not know all the relevant parties. In particular, they may have never raised funds from advisers which is a different ball game to HNWs and direct investor investing.”

In their work in the EIS sector, Hardman have recognised that more can and should be done to support new entrants if this market is to grow. Recently new EIS fund managers or those looking to set up a new fund need to know all the constituent parts necessary for a successful launch, and what different audiences are looking for.

To this end, along with the Round Table seminars, Hardman have announced the launch of their New Entrant Network initiative. This is a collaboration between suppliers that they know and trust, and who are prepared to help new entrants succeed.

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