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Hambro Perks launches EIS fund

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Hambro Perks


Hambro Perks has launched an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund.

The aim is to offer individuals the chance to co-invest, as they continue to back talented founders and entrepreneurs, while also benefiting from the reliefs afforded by the scheme.

Hambro Perks, which has backed businesses including Sipsmith gin and on-demand washing service Laundrapp, said that it continues to build a strong track record in the incubation and venture capital industries with entrepreneurs seeking backing and expertise.

They set themselves apart, they said, because they also co-found companies within Hambro Perks itself. They added that few investment managers take as active a role as Hambro Perks in incubating and nurturing companies from such an early stage – this provides them with the unique opportunities and often proprietary access to deal flow.


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