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GrowthInvest adds IHT to platform | GB Investments
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GrowthInvest adds IHT to platform



GrowthInvest, the independent platform for advisers and their clients in the tax efficient investment arena, has launched dedicated IHT and Alternatives areas on the platform. They will sit alongside the existing range of EIS and SEIS funds and portfolios, VCTs and direct single company investments.

The new IHT service will cover both unlisted and AIM IHT products. The accompanying Alternatives section will initially launch with a selection of secured bonds.

As with the EIS and VCT areas, there will be key product information and data and documentation, including links to available third party information and research.

The platform can facilitate both direct and advised investments across all product groups, and comes with a suite of analytical and reporting dashboards.

GrowthInvest said that this will strengthen an already compelling solution for investors and advisers looking to find an intelligent single option for their tax efficient portfolios and goes live in direct response to demand from the adviser marketplace.

Daniel Rodwell (pictured above), Managing Director of GrowthInvest said: “We are delighted to be broadening the platform product range, and have done so in response to demand from both advisers and their clients.  The use of Business Relief products within Inheritance tax planning is becoming increasingly widespread amongst the adviser marketplace, and it made perfect sense for us to bring a range of products onto the platform.”

Jonathan Gain, CEO of Stellar Asset Management, one of the first IHT providers to launch on GrowthInvest stated: “Interest in IHT products using Business relief has never been higher amongst advisers, and we are pleased to be working with the GrowthInvest team to make our products available in a successful platform environment, one in which technology is being used intelligently to help facilitate investments, and provide advisers with the  information they want and need.”

Andrew Aldridge, Partner and Head of Marketing at Deepbridge Capital, added: “In our experience, the number of financial advisers considering Business Relief propositions as part of the inheritance tax planning continues to increase.  GrowthInvest seeks to provide advisers with access to range of tax-efficient products on one platform and therefore it makes a great deal of sense for the Deepbridge IHT Service to join the panel so that advisers may access our full range of propositions via the GrowthInvest platform.”

Jack Rose (left), Head of Tax Efficient Products, LightTower Partners, commented: “A platform that holds a client’s entire tax efficient portfolio in one place makes life simpler for advisers. Great to see GrowthInvest adding IHT capability to their existing EIS and VCT facility.”

GrowthInvest will be actively promoting the service across a co-ordinated programme of pitch presentations, webinars, round-table lunches and regular adviser email communication channels. It will also continue with its webinar series The Adviser Hour which completed a six part pilot series in the first quarter of 2018.

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