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Open Jan 2019
Close 05.04.2019
Amount to be Raised NA
Minimum Investment £10,000

Fund Twenty8

Invest in the UK’s most promising startups.

By following the investment decisions of some of the savviest private investors, Fund Twenty8® automatically builds you a diversified portfolio of no fewer than 28 EIS qualifying startups.

The fund’s strategy is based on extensive research conducted by NESTA and Intelligent Partnership which asked the question: how many startup investments should I have?

The magic number appears to be: at least 28. With this many startups in your portfolio, the study suggests a 95% chance of at least one giving you a 10X return or more. With this in mind, the fund is targeting a return of over 20% IRR including up to 30% EIS tax relief.

Now in its second year, Fund Twenty8® has already attracted 377 investors, who in total have committed £7.9m.

T. 01223 478 558

E. fundtwenty8@syndicateroom.com

W. https://www.syndicateroom.com/funds/fund-twenty8