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Film music financier to launch new EIS

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Atlantic Screen Group (ASG), the second largest independent film music financier in the world, is closing its current EIS at the end of the month. It will then launch another scheme.

The company is co-managed by Tim Hollier and Simon Fawcett who have a background in film production and film music finance.

ASG is holding a presentation tomorrow (7 June) at 1230 at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden, London for any advisers that are interested in finding out more, or investing before the end of the month deadline. Click here for more information and to book one of the few remaining places.

The ASG model is to invest in the music and take a share of the royalties each time the piece is aired.

The ASG EIS has already invested in a wide portfolio of successful films, including Lost City of Z and The Zookeepers Wife, which has just topped $30 million at the box office. In the last four years, ASG has financed more than 100 scores and amongst their most successful films have been 2Guns and Lone Survivor with a combined box office of over $300 million.

Pictured above, left to right: Hunnam, Miller, Pattinson and Gray at the Lost City of Z premiere at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival.

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