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easyCoffee turns to Seedrs to make EIS investment accessible to all

easyJet turned the world of aviation upside down, with Sir Stelios’ dream extending into other sectors such as hotels and gyms. Now it’s coffee’s turn to get the easy Group makeover.


easyCoffee, both through shops and vending machines has already proved to be a major success. The coffee is high quality, at a price that offers the value associated with Brand easy.

The profitable coffee market still has room to grow in both the UK and Europe, and easyCoffee is using its own Seedrs fundraise to open 10 more shops and another 500 vending machines.

This allows full EIS benefits to be available to ordinary investors for an outlay of as little as £10.

Nathan Lowry, Chief Executive of easyCoffee said: “We are so chuffed to be launching on Seedrs. After a successful round of raising £3m ourselves, we are at the point where crowdfunding makes sense for us to open 10 more corporate shops.”

Adam Reeve, Senior Investor Manager at Seedrs, told us:  “We are democratising investment for those who want access to early stage equity, at an entry level that is truly affordable, with the added EIS tax benefits, which will help to grow the culture of investing in the UK.”

Nathan Lowry explains further in this short video.

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