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Boost for Animation EIS in Patient Capital Review: CHF comments:

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CHF Media are delighted that Philip Hammond’s budget reaffirmed the commitment from the government to back genuine Enterprise Investments, reconfirming CHF Media Fund’s status as offering investment in the true spirit of EIS.

CHF were also delighted to read in the Patient Capital Review Response document that animation was identified as a qualifying trade going forward under the revised EIS eligibility criteria.

Adrian Wilkins, CEO of CHF Media, commented:

“The budget was great news for our Fund, our investors and our business ethos. We are delighted to have been indirectly mentioned in the Patient Capital review document and thereby having our business model endorsed, which is a real testament to all that we have achieved over the past three years with our fundraising into the CHF Media Fund.”

Mark Brownridge, Director General of EISA stated: “Interesting that Her Majesty’s Treasury give Animation as one of their eligible examples of qualifying trades under the new conditions”, quoting directly from the Patient Capital Review Response document, “An investment in an animation production company to develop, market and exploit a series of new characters would qualify [for EIS relief].”

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