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Launch of a new BR guide from Hardman & Co

  • By Andrew Sullivan
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Hardman & Co, one of the leading analysts of Business Relief products, have interviewed and spoken with many non-AIM BR product providers and have accumulated insights and knowledge into these products. The firm’s sectoral expertise of the markets in which these providers invest has prompted them to publish ‘Business Relief Products: the truth about what’s underneath.’


The market for Estate Planning is growing; little surprise as more and more people are caught by Inheritance Tax every year.

We are now in what has been called the ‘Inheritance Generation’, when the baby boomers are beginning to leave their estates. It is estimated that £1 trillion will change hands over the next decade, and £5.5 trillion over the next 30 years. It is a massive opportunity for advisers.

Issues for advisers

The problem for most advisers is that the investments that BR product providers make are unfamiliar to them. Advisers are not experts in power generation or lending, hotels or forestry, which are just some of the sectors that these product providers invest in.

It is, therefore, crucial to understand the risks and characteristics of these products. These investments can go wrong, as has been demonstrated in recent months

It is only if they understand the risks that advisers can give the most appropriate advice to their clients.

A helping hand from Hardman & Co

Written by two experienced sector analysts, Brian Moretta and Nigel Hawkins, the new guide explores what the investment risks of these products are and how to identify them. It has been enthusiastically welcomed by advisers who have had early sight of it.

Richard Angus, Head of Business Development at Hardman & Co said: ‘It is essential that advisers understand what they are selling. This guide illuminates the investments underlying BR products, so that advisers can recommend these products with confidence.’


To obtain a copy of this guide please contact Vilma Pabilionyte on 020 7194 7637, or email

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