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Stellar launch Stellar ICENI | GB Investments
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Stellar launch Stellar ICENI

A new initiative to help advisers grow their estate planning business has been announced today.


The financial services industry has entered a period of unparalleled opportunity as the nation enters what many are calling ‘the inheritance economy’.

This represents the greatest transfer of wealth in history as capital of some £5.5 trillion is expected to flow down through the generations over the next 30 years.

For financial advisers it offers some outstanding opportunities to participate in this wealth transfer and Stellar Asset Management has launched a new service to help financial advisers and wealth managers maximise these opportunities.

Stellar ICENI provides advisers with the tools to unlock planning opportunities and offer a superior service to their clients.

Stellar ICENI is intended to help advisers to:

significantly increase the volume of estate planning business;

strengthen existing and build new relationships with the heirs of their clients;

create a business continuity plan for assets under management

identify and connect with the wider client family and their advisers, and

grow and strengthen a client base.

Stellar ICENI has been created with input and co-operation from a panel of leading independent financial advisers to provide a complete and collaborative estate planning service to advice professionals.

The service incorporates the key disciplines of estate planning to support financial planning and include investment management solutions for estate planning, legal services, tax advisory services and estate administration.

Stellar ICENI brings all these together in one service, enabling advisers to offer a more comprehensive service for their clients.

The service providers are:

Stellar Asset Management – estate and succession planning specialists with more than three decades of financial services expertise.

Farani Taylor – a full service law firm with legal expertise in family and inheritance law, offering wills, Power of Attorney and Trusts.

Obsidian – specialists in bespoke tax advisory services, important for complex cases or where businesses are involved.

Kings Court Trust – estate administration services which ensure the efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Matthew Steiner, Director of Stellar Asset Management said: ‘Stellar ICENI enables advisers to offer a superior service to their clients for estate planning, and helps them to capitalise on the immense transfer of wealth that is now under way.’

Why ‘Iceni’?

The ancient meaning of Iceni was ‘tribe, family, lineage’.

The purpose of Stellar ICENI today is to help preserve family wealth and facilitate its transfer to future generations.

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