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Stellar develops innovative estate planning solution | GB Investments
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Stellar develops innovative estate planning solution

  • By alex.sullivan@cliftonmedialab.com

When it comes to estate planning, many financial advisers become stymied with the complexity of bringing together the full range of experts needed to best serve their clients. This is why Stellar, a tax-efficient investment and estate-planning specialist, launched Expert Partner Services this year. The firm believes that it is the first all-inclusive intergenerational planning service that gives advisers access to a collaborative network of investment, legal, tax and estate administration experts.

Neil Martin, GBI City Editor, finds out some more.

Professional estate planning is often a complicated proposition which can involve a range of experts brought together into what often is a long and protracted process. By introducing Expert Partner Services, Stellar has simplified the estate planning process for financial advisers and their clients.

Stellar believes that Expert Partner Services is the first service of its type to be offered by an asset manager. It provides financial advisers with the wide array of resources that they need to navigate the estate planning maze.

Matthew Steiner, Stellar’s Business Development Director, explained: “The UK is undergoing the largest transfer of wealth in its history.  Research by our partner, Kings Court Trust and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, estimates that intergenerational financial transfers worth £5.5tn will occur in the UK over the next 30 years.”

Matthew went on to say “…We believe that the Expert Partner Services provides advisers with a toolkit that allows them to plug directly into a network of partners and benefit from the massive opportunity that this transfer of wealth presents.”

Stellar was founded by Craig Reader (Chairman) and Jonathan Gain (Chief Executive) in 2007 and specialises in Business Relief solutions. It has been nominated for numerous awards, including ‘Tax-efficient Group of the Year 2018/2019’ from Investment Week and ‘Best BR AiM Investment Manager’ at the Growth Investor Awards 2018.

Stellar’s estate and succession planning services comprise a range of discretionary-managed portfolios that have been designed to provide 100% inheritance tax relief for advisers’ clients after two years.

Additionally, it offers advisers a specialist service for business owners seeking to maintain or improve tax-efficiency within their existing business or following the sale of a business.

Expert Partner Services complements Stellar’s existing range of tax-efficient discretionary portfolios, because its partners work collaboratively with advisers to provide a full-service estate planning solution to their clients.

In addition to Stellar, the current Expert Partner Services providers are:

  • Farani Taylor: a full service law firm offering advice across a variety of specialisms, including estate planning;
  • Obsidian Tax: a specialist tax advisory practice offering services to High Net Worth Individuals and business owners. It works closely with advisers and accountants to deliver bespoke tax solutions; and
  • Kings Court Trust: one of the largest estate administration providers in the UK. Founded in 2002, Kings Court Trust has assisted on more than 35,000 estates by taking care of the entire estate administration process or providing specialist services on complex cases following a bereavement.

The partners have already experienced excellent referrals. As Tom Moore from Obsidian said: “We are delighted to be part of this new service. We have a wealth of experience at Obsidian in providing Inheritance Tax advice and advice in other areas of tax and are very excited at this opportunity to bring that experience to a wider market. We look forward to working closely with Stellar to provide the very best service to advisers and their clients in this field.”

Ben Lockyer from Farani Taylor added: “We are so excited that Stellar Asset Management’s vision of collaborative firms working together to support the financial advice market has started working so well. Financial advisers are becoming not only the trusted professional for their client’s financial situation, but also through the partner firms’ expertise in areas like inheritance tax, legal, general tax and probate.”

Stellar intends to expand its array of partner services over the coming years, to include personal and financial administrative tools and lifestyle services.

It also sees this as a real opportunity for advisers to attract new clients and to grow their funds under advice, according to Matthew Steiner: “We think that Expert Partner Services provides advisers with a truly holistic service to better cater for their clients’ estate planning needs and a fantastic opportunity to develop their businesses by participating in intergenerational wealth transfer.”

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