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Special EIS and SEIS report from GrowthInvest

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A special report for advisers which explores the future of the EIS and SEIS industry has been published by GrowthInvest.

Co-sponsored by Hardman, and produced in association with EISA and LGBR Capital, the report sets out to offer advice and analysis of the burgeoning EIS and SEIS tax efficient investments sector. Subjects dealt with include how the current crop of advisers should be expecting to deal with a surge in enquiries and registrations, driven partly by the recent restrictions to annual and lifetime pension allowances. Other issues facing the current EIS and SEIS landscape are captured in detail, with input from a host of industry commentators spanning the whole alternative finance sector.

The likely impact of Brexit is also debated and analysed, together with considerations into how an increased focus on investment and support for small British businesses could affect overall government strategy and individual policy measures.

The report also includes a number of case studies which suport GrowthInvest Managing Director Daniel Rodwell’s assertion that a diversified portfolio of EIS & SEIS investments can and should form a significant part of advisers’ plans for their clients.

He said: “We are on the brink of considerable change in the Alternative Finance Sector, thanks to a perfect storm of low interest rates, the Brexit opportunities for UK SMEs and the restrictions to annual and lifetime pensions allowances. SEIS & EIS represent a compelling solution to all of them.”

Download a copy from here.

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