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o2h Ventures invest in Pencil Biosciences

The o2h Therapeutics and AI Fund, an early stage S/EIS fund investing in biotechnology therapeutics and related AI opportunities, has announced an investment in Pencil Biosciences, a novel gene modulation biotech company based at Alderley Park, Cheshire.


Pencil Biosciences is developing an innovative gene modulation technology that can have an impact across a range of applications, including new therapeutic options for patients with rare diseases.

The funds will support Pencil Biosciences’ aims to develop a novel, programmable genome-modulation tool which overcomes the challenges associated with the technologies currently available.

This investment represents o2h Ventures’ first investment into the cell and gene therapy space. This modality could have a huge impact on patients and in some cases potentially result in cures, but, as with any new technology, there need to be improvements. Pencil’s technology offers the prospect of enhanced selectivity and more effective delivery than is achieved with competitive approaches.

Sunil Shah, CEO o2h Ventures who manages the fund alongside Prashant Shah, said: “Pencil are working on a game-changing technology that could have massive value in the gene editing/modulation space. The Innovate UK grants that Pencil has received will be very supportive in helping the company achieve its initial goals. ”

Dr Jon Moore, Executive Chair, Pencil Biosciences, said: “We are delighted to welcome o2h Ventures to its seed round syndicate. We aim to take advantage of their network across pharma and big biotech and relationships with larger US funds as our exciting technology matures.”

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