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Kuber Ventures adds three new funds

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Kuber Ventures, the alternative investment platform specialising in EIS and SEIS, has added three new funds to its tax-efficient investment platform.

The three are the Evergreen EIS Fund from EMV Capital (EMVC), Vala EIS Portfolio and Velocity SEIS Technology Fund 4.

Each fund allows investment into early stage, knowledge-intensive companies.

The new funds brings the total number of tax efficient funds available on the platform to 39.

The EMVC Evergreen EIS Fund invests in B2B businesses built on core technological innovations generating tangible economic value for the UK economy. It will leverage EMVC’s corporate network to validate the opportunities and accelerate the growth of investee companies with potential follow-on funding accessible through EMVC’s relationships with institutional investors, corporate venturing teams and investment vehicles. This minimises the risk of investee companies becoming ‘stranded’ by being unable to raise crucial post-seed capital.

The Vala EIS Portfolio invests in companies managed by skilled entrepreneurs who have historically been able to build high-growth businesses. Vala’s investments are managed by a group of serial entrepreneurs who will personally invest in the same portfolio companies in order to align themselves with the success of the company.

The Velocity SEIS Technology Fund 4 seeks investments in companies that combine traditionally strong business qualities with the current digital and technological environment and have the potential to scale quickly.

Simon Harvey, Marketing Director of Kuber Ventures, said: “We are delighted to welcome these three funds on to the platform. EMVC and Vala are attractive additions. Earlier this month EMVC was named Best Newcomer at the industry-leading EISA Awards and Vala provides advisers with an interesting choice with its new performance-dependent fee structure.”

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