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Ingenious launches Vision VCT

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Ingenious, the alternative investment manager that specialises in the media sector, has launched the Ingenious Vision VCT.

The focus is to provide early-stage funding to unquoted companies with high growth potential that develop, produce, or exploit television and other forms of audio-visual content.

Ingenious is looking to raise an initial £10m with a minimum subscription of £3m. The VCT will seek to pay target dividend of 5p per Ordinary Share per annum commencing from July 2022 with the potential to pay special dividends if investments generate a significant profit or are realised with a substantial gain.

Ingenious will provide investors access to unquoted companies with considerable growth potential across the media and entertainment sectors whilst enabling them to benefit from the investment incentives of a VCT. It told GBI Magazine that individuals should receive 30% up front income tax relief on investments of up to £200,000 a year, as well as tax-free dividends and capital gains.

Will Harrison (above), Managing Director of Media at Ingenious, said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Ingenious Vision VCT. Since the launch of the first Ingenious VCT in 2004, our specialist team has raised and managed over £75 million. All our VCTs are carefully managed by a team with proven experience in promoting, structuring and managing investment opportunities across the media and entertainment sectors. We believe that lifestyle changes, de-regulation and technological advances in the digital space have created excellent investment opportunities for knowledgeable investors. VCT fundraising levels continue to rise and we are very well placed to offer a unique chance to participate in an exciting and thriving area of the UK economy.

“VCTs play a really important role in supporting UK business and we are looking forward to partnering with more firms and adding value. Over many years, Ingenious has developed an unrivalled reputation for its specialist knowledge of these industries, and we are well placed to take advantage of these changes.”

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