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Unique investment opportunity: a business that created one of the biggest pop-music festivals

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Fusion Festivals & Events Limited offers a unique opportunity to invest into a business that has already successfully created one of the biggest pop-music festivals in the UK and Europe.

Since its inception in 2013, Fusion has made impressive progress towards achieving its aim of becoming the world’s first true multi-location and multi-national music event brand, where in addition to its central UK-based festival, the Company also holds options to host Fusion branded events in Europe and the Middle East.

Having established its credibility and strong reputation within the industry, Fusion is now able to attract the world’s most popular music artists. For Fusion Festival UK 2017, the Company has signed festival exclusive deals for its headliners, Little Mix, who are currently the biggest female group in Europe, and Take That, who are currently the biggest male group, and one of the most successful pop groups of all time.

Fusion attracts lucrative sponsorship deals from blue-chip commercial partners including Diageo, Cadburys, McDonalds, FujiFilm, Oreo, Carlsberg and Coca Cola. Fusion’s media partnership deal with the largest radio station network in the UK, Capital FM, provides it with valuable marketing reach throughout the UK and it also benefits from extensive support from regional marketing partners in Liverpool, Manchester and the North West of England.

The Company is seeking EIS Investment of £3,000,000 for the purpose of expanding the Fusion Festival UK event, as well as launching Fusion branded festivals in Europe and the Middle East. Investors benefit from a priority return mechanism offered by the Company’s founders and management, whereby the investors are allocated 100% of the profits of the Company, or of the gains on a sale of the shares, to the point they receive the amount of their gross as well as a profit of 30%. Investors also receive an uncapped share of all additional profits.

Fusion Festival UK has reported impressive growth in tickets sales and sponsorship since its inaugural event in 2013, and 2017 promises to deliver a major increase in value again, aided by headline artists that could deliver a capacity crowd of 60,000 each day, in which case operating profits are projected at more than £3m for the year.

For more information, please contact: Jacqueline Wilson.

Important Note: This document is not an offer or invitation to apply for Investment into Ober Private Clients Fusion Festivals & Events Limited EIS Investment Opportunity. Any application for investment should be made solely on the basis of the relevant Information Memorandum (“IM”); the Terms and Conditions; and the Application Form relating to the Investment Opportunity.
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