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‘Fastest mini in the world’ up for auction

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The ‘fastest mini in the world when it was built’ is for up for auction via H&H Classics and is expected to fetch between £18,000 and £20,000.

When the Dave Brodie converted Mini Cooper S BBR appeared on the BBC TV Top Gear programme, test driver ‘Stig’ said he braked at 150mph, not sure how much faster the car would go.

It will be sold by H&H Classics at their auction on March 20th at Duxford, Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire.

The Mini Cooper S is a “docile car if not pushed” says Dave Brodie. It has big ventilated disc brakes and braided fluid hoses, also anti torque steer suspension, F1 Goodyear tyres and has a turbo charger fitted.

The car was sourced by the H&H Classics team in Surrey, John Markey and Chris Marshall, from David Brodie its owner. They say: “’The Stig’ was very impressed by the Cooper ‘S’ when testing it. The car was still pulling so strongly at 150mph that he didn’t know when it might end and felt the urge to abandon the car!”

The 350bhp Turbocharged engine with Intercooler Mini was converted by BrodieBritain Racing when new. It comes in Crystal light blue with a white roof and a Recaro leather interior.

It has done just 5,500 miles.

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