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Zopa data goes live on Crowdsurfer

  • By Neil Martin
  • News


The data of the UK P2P lender Zopa has been added to Crowdsurfer, the leading source of intelligence on the global alternative finance market.

Zopa has to date lent in excess of £2.3bn to customers in the UK and is one of the largest P2P lenders.

Crowdsurfer analyses data from more than 900 different alternative finance platforms, including equity, bonds, SME debt and P2P. It has mapped more than ten million transactions to provide what it describes as the most in-depth take on global trends and patterns in alternative finance.

Crowdsurfer CEO Emily Mackay said: “Zopa is the P2P pioneer in the UK and remains at the forefront of the P2P sector as it matures. Transparency and data intelligence are crucial to the health and growth of the online finance sector and we are delighted to be able to include Zopa’s data in our analysis.”

“Online funding is a fairer, more efficient, more impactful mode of deploying capital, and data is crucial to scaling that to every person on the planet. But its growth has been hampered by a lack of information, for investors, regulators and banks, as well as those that need access to finance. We aim to fill that gap and the inclusion of Zopa’s data only strengthens our analysis further.”