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“2017 a game changing year” – says Seedrs



Seedrs has had its most successful year.

In a flag-waving statement, Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform points to a pivotal year for it and the industry.

It highlighted its successes, including a number of industry award wins, an oversubscribed funding round led by Woodford Investment Management, record-breaking deals and the launch of the industry’s first fully functional secondary market. Secondary Market

In the first half of the year, Seedrs launched a secondary market which recognised the growing demand for liquidity from investors. It allows shareholders in Seedrs portfolio businesses to trade shares during a one-week window each month. Since the June launch, share lots in 126 different businesses have been traded, with investors achieving 682 exits through the process.

The Seedrs secondary market continues to grow, with five times the number of shares listed in the December trading window as had been listed in the market’s first window in June.

In addition to the many investor exits achieved through the secondary market, Seedrs saw two company-level exits in 2017.

Blow LTD, the on-demand beauty services startup, facilitated an opportunity for Seedrs investors to sell their shares to retail giant Debenhams. Only a small handful of investors chose to sell, given the company’s strong prospects ahead, but those who did achieved up to a 3x return. Wealthify, the robo-advisory platform, agreed the sale of a majority interest to insurance leader Aviva. Seedrs investors, some of whom only purchased their shares a few months ago, will sell their stakes as part of the transaction for a nearly 20% gain.

CEO at Seedrs Jeff Kelisky said: “Since joining Seedrs in January, I have been hugely impressed and delighted by what we have built and the opportunity we have ahead of us. The continued success of so many of our portfolio companies validates everything we are working so hard to achieve, but also the very essence of what equity crowdfunding stands for – helping ambitious growth focused businesses thrive with patient capital, and starting to deliver sizeable returns to investors.

“Seedrs has been live for five years, and in a long term asset class where we have always talked about returns from the seven year mark onwards, the trajectory is already incredibly positive. 2017 has been a standout year for both Seedrs and the wider space, but we have long been looking ahead to 2018 and planning how we can continue to lead the equity crowdfunding space with innovative technology, game-changing products and many more portfolio success stories.”